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New Home Builders with IQ Floors

We are proud to work with the finest new home builders in Colorado Springs! 

Congratulations on your new home!  We are excited to share this time with you and we look forward to working closely with you to make the flooring a beautiful part of your life. 

For the most part, you will spend some time with us here at our design showroom, looking at the options, selecting colors and textures.  Until then, go ahead and put some dreams together.

Stauffer & Sons

Stauffer & Sons home builderIf there was ever a builder that mirrored IQ's own nature, Stauffer & Sons is it!  Laid back and always welcoming, yet dedicated to getting the job done in a quality fashion.  We are so happy they let us provide carpet and hardwood flooring for their homes!

Stauffer & Sons is a construction company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re celebrating our 15th year, and have developed an efficient model for building homes in a fast and cost-effective manner. We’ve worked all across the state of Colorado, and are happy to consider projects of just about any scope and budget. Our building experience includes small eco-homes, all the way up to multi-million dollar custom homes in private communities and ranches in the remote mountains of Colorado.

Walther Homes

Walther Homes"Walther Homes employs great means to achieve great results. It begins with a grand vision of an impeccably engineered, energy efficient home. Then continues with exceptional floorplans, wrapped in a striking wardrobe of stylish amenities, crafted with environmentally responsible materials, . . . and a commitment to using high quality American made components.

The result is an elegantly engineered, high performance home that spoils its owners with a rich feeling of quality, energy saving comfort, and all the features one can imagine."

Petra Homes

Our own local favorite.  "PETRA has a proven track record for designing to your budget and avoiding overruns.  Being knowledgeable about current or recent costs in various areas of custom building, and being good shoppers ourselves, we can guide you through the process of value engineering and design. This makes for something that we prize as much as you: affordable value."

Park Vista Builders

Park Vista Home BuilderPark Vista Builders has truly earned a reputation for excellence in execution. This ability to deliver projects “on time and on budget” minimizes risk throughout the construction process and allows developers to focus on matters outside of construction.

Echo Construction

Echo Construction has been providing quality Construction Management Services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for more than 12 years. We specialize in custom home building, additions and remodels. As a full service Licensed and Insured General Contractor, we provide any residential construction service you need and we do that with the respect, quality and value you deserve.

Herebic Homes

"Every homebuilder has a story – some with many chapters and some with just a few pages. Our story begins over 100 years ago when our great-grandfather was building churches, schools, and army structures in Ohio.

The skills he mastered were passed down four generations to brothers Doug and Bill Herebic. Today Herebic Homes continues its century-old heritage of unmistakable craftsmanship and customer service by building and remodeling the finest homes in Colorado Springs."

Garden of the Gods Homes

IQ Floors New Home Builders

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