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Shaw Floorté

Floorte is the future of hard surface flooring

We now have been selling Floorte for over a year, and we are complete believers in the ability of Floorte to perform in almost any setting. It truly is extremely easy to install, easy to maintain and clean, and easy on the eyes.

Where Can I Buy Shaw's Floorté?

IQ Floors is the first store in Colorado Springs to carry Shaw's Floorté line.  Although we are still waiting for the display, samples have begun to come in. We are actually making a new room just to fit the display in the showroom. Floorte is absolutely one of the easiest floors to install, so it's a perfect product for the diy enthusiast.  It's also extremely durable and priced very well, making the overall cost lower than any other floor.  It has a realistic, super high definition image, giving it the appearance of real wood and tile floors.  It also has a commercial grade wear layer which will stand up to heavy duty traffic in retail settings, or abusive treatment from kids and pets.

We Carry the Complete Line of Floorte

Floorte PremioWe are planning on stocking several colors of Floorte this summer.  Right now, we are bringing in one in limited quantity.  Please let us know if you are interested in a particular color or style of floorte for ongoing projects.  Most Floorte styles are in stock in Dallas and Georgia, so the delivery time is less than a week for products we dont carry in Colorado Springs.

  • Floorte
  • Premio 549
  • 20 mil wear layer
  • 4.49 / square foot
  • available for immediate shipment
  • transition strips are available upon request

Installation of Floorte

Floorte is extremely easy to install.  If you'd like to try and install yourself, you can, and we can help if you run into any headaches.  Want our professional installers to do it for you?  No problem.  Floorte is designed to be easy on the installer, so our installation costs are lower than traditional wood floors.

What is Floorté? 

It's the best of several flooring genres.  It combines the resiliency of vinyl plank, with the engineering and price of laminate, all the while has the look and feel of real wood and stone. Floorte™ uses high-definition printing for a hardwood or tile look that is highly authentic. Its FOLD N GO™ locking system is precision-engineered for an easy installation. Floorté™ floors are also strong, durable, flexible—concealing imperfections of the floor beneath—and waterproof, making Floorté™ a great flooring option on and below ground level.

Floorte’s waterproof qualities make it ideal for high-moisture areas like basements, bathrooms, and mudrooms.  “We’ve been amazed at Floorte’s  waterproof characteristics even after weeks and weeks of testing in the water,” says Drew Hash, director of hard surfaces.

Because Floorte is created using high-definition printing, it provides a look that’s highly authentic.   It’s designed to emulate the top species and colors of hardwood. 

“You can get the wood look without the high-maintenance, a product that hides imperfections in subfloors, and an easy click system,” says Natalie Cady, director of hard surface marketing.  The fact that it’s waterproof is just icing on the cake.”  

There are two levels of products in Floorte:  Premio and Classico. Classico styles feature 12 mil with AmourBead protectant on its surface and Premio styles feature a 20 mil product. Each style comes in beautiful wood looks featuring realistic sawn-face visuals, painted or wire brushed visuals and longer planks, making it even more beautiful. Read More about Shaw's Floorte

Floorté is a new hard surface product from Shaw that sets itself as a new product category.  It's not quite laminate, not quite lvt.  Safe in almost all applications and easy to install.
IQ Floors is the first store in Colorado Springs to offer Floorte, a revolutionary new floor from Shaw. Floorte is the most durable resilient option and easy to install.
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