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Our Vinyl Inventory

shaw vinyl in stock cornerstoneOur Best Selling Vinyl is Cornerstone.

Manufactured by IVC and distributed by Shaw, it is a thick cushioned loose-lay vinyl.  We have it on special for 10.99 per yard and it is in stock in Colorado Springs for quick and easy installation.

We keep 4 other vinyl styles in stock in Colorado Springs available for quick and inexpensive install.  Each one is loose-lay constructed, so it can go down without glue and can be applied over existing vinyl in most cases. 

All About Vinyl

For most customers, vinyl is an afterthought, but there is so much to it.  It is one of those products that can go almost anywhere and stand up to almost any abuse.  I'd say its risk to reward ration is stronger than most people give it credit for.

Resilient vinyl flooring is perhaps the most popular choice of flooring for today’s consumer. This product can literally go anywhere in your home, meaning you can have the wood look in areas where wood is not recommended, such as the bathroom or laundry room. This flooring is also very easy to clean and for the DIY person, it is easy to install. All of this plus comfort under foot? Sign me up!

Vinyl flooring is also extremely versatile and available in a variety of colors and styles. Our design team can simulate the look of any number of flooring types such as hardwood, tile and stone. The visual is created from photos so we can literally morph any image or visual and transfer it to the product. Once the image is transferred and the product is created, we can add textures that will create a look so natural that it will be difficult to spot the difference. Additionally, vinyl has a comfort under foot that you simply can’t get from some other flooring types.

Second, vinyl flooring is resistant to water, mildew and stains. Liquids stay on the surface and are easily wiped away, so spills are not a problem with resilient flooring. And while we are on the subject of cleaning, it’s easy as apple pie! Simply sweep, spray R2X Hard Surface cleaner, and wipe with a clean white cloth. What could be easier than that?

So a product that is versatile and easy to clean sounds great, right? But the benefits don’t stop there. This product is also very durable and can stand up to the even the toughest tests of a busy family’s lifestyle. If you have pets or small children in the house, this product can handle play time with no problem.
The advantages to choosing vinyl are virtually endless. This is a product that you have to see to believe. Browse our selection of resilient vinyl styles today for design inspiration, or stop by your local Shaw retailer and feel it for yourself. 

Vinyl Brands

  • Congoleum (Through Mohawk)
    • Airstep Evolution
    • Airstep Plus / Airstep Basix
    • Prelude Vinyl
  • Mannington Vinyl
  • Armstrong Vinyl
  • Tarkett

Vinyl Constructions

  • Full Spread Glue Down
  • Perimeter Spread Glue Down
  • Loose Lay Vinyl, Floating
  • Fiberglass backing

Average Cost of Vinyl

  • base grade vinyl msrp is $10 / yard
  • average vinyl msrp is $15 / yard
  • average installation cost is $8 / yard
  • Airstep in Stock on Sale    $ 9 / yard
  • 2 colors base grade vinyl $ 8.00 / yard

Vinyl Installation

When it comes to installation, vinyl is one of the more challenging do-it-yourself projects, and so we highly recommend using a professional installer.

Mike Keigher 491.3486

What you need to know

  • Pattern size (repeat)
  • sub-floor material
  • is prep work necessary
  • time frame

Average width

The average vinyl style will come in 12' wide rolls.  Some of those, especially the less expensive, will also come in a 6' wide option.  Imported, and some nicer, more expensive vinyls, will come in 13' 6" +/-.