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Carpet, Quick and Easy

In our store, the average price for cheap carpet is 1.50 / square foot.  This includes carpet, pad, and basic install.  It's ideal for starter homes, rentals, and flips.  It is by no means, base grade carpet; if that's what you want, we have it and it's a little less.  These carpets are in stock and can be installed usually within a day or two.

Lets assume you have two average rooms, and large master, a hallway, one flight of stairs and a living room.  Just for an estimation, will say thats about 1,200 square feet and would cost approximately $2,000 plus tax.  Furniture moving and tear-out of old carpet would add about .10 / square foot for each, or $130 each. 

Mid grade carpets have an average price of 2.50 / square foot.  This also includes a better pad and installation.  Our experience has this as the average choice for homes in the 250 to 400,000 price range.  We have a few choices in stock, and on average, it would take about a week to bring in any other choice you have. 

In the same size house as above, the average total cost would be around $3,500 and would also include furniture moving and tear-out of old carpet.

Carpet is by far the quickest and easiest floor covering, and it is also the least expensive to purchase and have installed.  Best of all, it doesn't take long to become proficient in carpet.  A little common sense will go along way.  The best advice we can offer is this:  don't get bogged down with the minutia, the arguments of fiber, or the empty promises of warranties.  Start with feeling the carpet with your hands, you'll quickly be able to tell the difference between a good carpet and a bad one.  Once you've figured out the proper feel or construction, then you can move on to choices of fibers, colors, and stain protections.

Carpet In Stock

We keep several options of carpeting in stock in Colorado Springs. From $6 to $16 per yard and from rental grade carpet to the soft premium carpet you'll love to walk on.  Dreamshaker and Tuscanet are two of our best selling carpets.  These are available for immediate installation.  Please call 719.636.3200 to schedule a complimentary measurement.

pearl carpet stockCarpet Special


27oz. Soft, Multi-fleck

In Stock, also available in two other colors.

$7.50 / yard

Buy Pearl and get 6lb 1/2" Rebond carpet pad for 2.25 / yard.



dreamweaver carpetCarpet Special


42 oz. Soft, Multi-fleck cut pile berber

In Stock

$11.99 / yard

Special Promotion:  Buy Dreamshaker carpet and get 6lb 1/2" pad for only $2.25 per yard.  While supplies last.

shaw carpet in stock

Our Best Selling Carpet In Stock

Tuscanet, Winter White.  We also stock "Dunes."

54 oz. Soft, Thick, Flecked Carpet

In Stock

$15.99 / yard

Special Promotion:  Buy Tuscanet, Winter White or Dunes and get 8lb 1/2" Memory Foam Moisture Barrier pad for only $4.00 per yard.

We strive to be the friendliest carpet store possible.  Fun is a core value of our business, and we have managed to live the American Dream while barefoot and laughing.

Carpet Installation

Our carpet installers are professional and courteous. This is what separates us from every other carpet dealer. With IQ Floors, you'll know exactly who is installing your carpeting before he even shows up. Usually, you'll get a chance to meet them when they measure. If not, we'll send you an email with a picture along with a little information about them. This way, you'll feel more comfortable when they arrive to do their job.  Please, let us know if you are outside of Colorado Springs.

Carpet Links

Carpet Specials

  • In Stock Specials
  • Remnants
  • Small pieces
  • Drops / Closeouts
  • Rebond Pad

Carpet Brands at IQ

  • Bliss by Beaulieu
  • Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet
  • Moda
  • Queen / Philadelphia
  • Alladin / Horizon by Mohawk
  • Godfrey Hirst
  • Kane Carpets

Carpet Installers

Mike Keigher   719.491.3486
Carpet Installations, Repair, Restretch

Carpet Construction

  • Cut Pile / Textured Plush
  • Cut Pile Berber
  • Shag
  • Frieze
  • Berber / Loop
  • Pattern LCL
  • Saxony / Velvet

Carpet Fibers

  • Stainmaster Nylon
  • Nylon
  • Smartstrand triexta
  • Polyester
  • Olefin
  • Wool
  • Polypropylene
  • Weardated (Mohawk)
  • Anso (Shaw)

Carpet Pad

  • Virgin
  • Memory Foam
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Rebond
  • Rubber

Carpet FAQ's

  • how much does carpet cost?
  • how much does carpet installation cost?
  • what to look for?
  • what is popular?
  • carpet warranties

Unique Carpet Themes

Poker Carpet / Carpet with Cards

Theater Room Carpet / Movie Reels & Popcorn

Playroom Carpet / Entertainment Carpet

Kids Play Carpet

Camouflage Carpet

Printed Animal Skins Carpet


More information about Carpet than you care to know!

Texture Carpet  (also known as Cut Pile, Plush Carpet)
Textured Carpet is very common and traditional, but for very good reasons.  Textured carpets with a good density form a flat surface area where soil, spills, and allergens will rest and make it easier to clean.  Look for a good density carpet that will support a brick without the fibers laying down. 
Loop Carpet (also known as Berbers)
Berber carpets are tufted into loops and not sheared.  The truth is, Berbers are cheap, ugly, and soil very easily.  The biggest caveat would be a snag in the loop that runs (which is common with pets).  Loop Carpets have the same construction, but are generally made better, with better fibers, densities, and have better styles.  Berbers are long gone from Colorado Springs.  Once popular, especially in basements, they have now lost all market share.  For one thing, they cost more to install.  Another reason they don't do well is their predominantly poorly made.
Pattern Carpets (also known as LCL)
Pattern carpets are becoming popular as they add a design element to your house.  For the most part, these are made into quality carpets by quality carpet mills (they are usually made on expensive looms).  The only caveat would be they lead the house to a formal feeling, which some consumers wouldn't want.  Nowadays, subtle patterns are extremely popular.  Key word is subtle, as a subtle pattern in your carpet transforms a room into one with purpose.
Frieze Carpets (commonly known as Cut Pile Berbers)
Friezes are wildly twisted and loose, and I describe them as fun.  Cut Pile Berbers are simply friezes with a fleck or speck of color.  The caveats are big, however, in that to get a wormy appearance in the carpet, they make it less dense (which is bad for wear), and to get a fleck, they make the base color light (which is bad for soiling and staining).  Friezes are the most playful construction of carpet.

Second, Choose your Carpet Fiber

More Information about Carpet Fibers

This chart is a comparison of carpet fibers, not carpets.  The main reason I included it is to show how strong of a fiber SmartStrand Triexta PTT is.  You still need to choose a quality carpet that is strong in Density and Twist.

Technical Definition:  Petroleum Based Fiber–forming substance.  First used in 1959 in carpet. Offered as BCF or staple. Used in residential and commercial applications. Produced as a solution–dyed fiber or white yarn to–be–dyed. Accounts for 65% of all face fibers in carpet.  Typically mentioned as the most reliable or best carpet fiber.
SmartStrand Triexta
Technical Definition: A completely new form of carpeting fiber made from the combination of 1.3 propanediol (PDO) and terephthalic acid (TPA). Triexta PTT properties are derived from a unique semi–crystalline molecular structure. Used currently in residential applications and as BCF.  Triexta is capable of being made from corn oil.
IQ Floors is a family owned small business. We offer fine quality carpets from Shaw, Mohawk, Stanton, and Tuftex. We also keep in-stock carpets ready for immediate installation.
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