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Rug Binding

Bind Your Carpet into Rugs Here in Colorado Springs

Rug Binding in Colorado Springs

We can easily bind your carpet remnants into rugs. Whether you already have carpet scraps, or you just purchased carpet from us and you'd like to use up your leftover waste, let us know and we can bind them.  At the moment, we only offer carpet and rug binding in Colorado Springs. 

How much does rug binding cost?

Rug binding costs about $2.25 per linear foot.  For surging, a higher end version, the cost is $6.00 per linear foot.

How long does it take to bind our carpet into rugs?

In most cases, we can have your rug or carpet bound within a week.  At the moment, carpet is only taking a day or two to bind.

Backing for Rugs?

Unless you have a soft backed carpet, you will need to purchase felt to be put onto the back of the rug. This will protect wood floors from scratching. Please do not use typical carpet as rugs on wood floors as they will cause damage.


Colorado Springs Places for Rug Binding

The best prices on Rug Binding in Colorado Springs, including rugs, runners, and scraps.
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