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IQ Deal of the Day

October 5, 2017:  80 yards left.

This is as good as it gets. "Watson" is a 38oz soft fiber, fleck carpet. Great look and feel and has a built in, organic odor eater.

But I have too much overstock. Right now I have 1200 yards that I need to move out quickly.

Watson is priced at 2$ / square foot which includes 8lb 1/2" pad and basic install, or $1.25 / sf for carpet only.


Room Scene of Watson

Mohawk Carpet Special

Our Best Selling Stock Carpet

Our new Number 1 selling carpet is a 42 oz flecked carpet from Shaw that we keep in stock in three colors: Avogadro, Wilford, and Galileo . It's thick, soft, and has a great look to it. Featuring Shaw's R2X. Pair it with a premium pad and you'll be walking on a cloud.

Each color is available for $15.50 / yard and is in stock in Colorado Springs.



Room Scene of Galileo

Sunlit Granite Carpet Room Scene

Other Everyday Carpets in Stock

in stock lets go carpet

The perfect step for rentals, basements, flips, and the like. Made from Shaw Carpets, it'll stand up to, and hide, just about every stain imaginable.

rental carpet in stock dark

Slightly darker than pearl, its a good soft feel that makes it a great carpet for flips.


A nice, soft cut pile berber carpet, in stock and priced to fit several categories. Perfect for a number of different houses. Our new number one selling carpeting. 

Thanks for looking at our carpet specials. Along with these, please keep in mind that we are constantly trying to get rid of small remnants, but there are too many to keep updating here. Please call or come by to see the carpet specials we keep in stock and we need to move.

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In-Stock Flooring

  • Carpet in Stock
    • Nylon cutpile Texture
    • Cut Pile Berber Fleck
    • Solid Color Frieze
    • Level Loop commercial
    • Ugly but cheap texture
  • Carpet Pad
    • 5lb 3/8" Rebond
    • 6lb 1/2" Rebond
    • 8lb 1/2" Rebond
    • 8lb 1/2" Memory Foam Pad with Moisture Barrier
  • Vinyl
    • congoleum Prelude (two colors)
    • Airstep Basix / loose-lay vinyl
    • Tarkett loose lay vinyl glassback
  • Laminate
    • Shaw, Avenues Light Acacia
  • Wood
    • 3 1/2" Hickory / Prefinished
    • 3 1/2" Oak in two stains
  • Underlayment
    • Quiet Step
    • Combifoam Quickstep

Carpet Inventory

We keep several thousands yards of carpet inventory at all times. Some are so ugly and cheap we dont like to put their pictures up. Currently we have one carpet that sells for under 6$ per yard.

Small Carpet Remnants

Along with the carpet in stock here in Colorado Springs, we also have dozens of small carpet remnants that we try and get rid of as fast as possible. Most have prices in the range of 25$ to 35$ for room size pieces. These are usually above average quality carpets.

pearlescent carpet
Carpet looked great, guys. Installer did a fantastic job. Thanks again. Colorado Springs
Date published: 02/09/2015
5 / 5 stars
Stock Carpet
You guys were AWESOME. Thanks for getting it in so quickly.
Soft Delight
Date published: 03/19/2015
5 / 5 stars