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Modular Carpet Tile

In commercial settings, modular carpet tiles can offer more options than traditional broadloom carpet flooring. As the name suggests, this flooring consists of carpet tiles rather than large pieces of carpeting. As such, the installation is easier and so is the replacement (should the need arise). This type of floor also offers consumers the opportunity to choose different patterns and styles to their personal liking. Through the carpeting, the floor can be transformed into a unique look that showcases your business’s special flair.

Modular carpet tiles are also very convenient because they come with vinyl backings which makes them less likely to unravel. The adhesive also helps the tiles to stay in place longer than standard broadloom carpet. While the benefits of carpet tiles are many, one caveat is that it is very easy to tell if the tiles were installed improperly. It is really important that whomever is installing the carpet tiles is experienced with this form of flooring.