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The Practicality of Sheet Vinyl

Today’s sheet vinyl - thanks to the benefits of modern technology - is a stylish, functional and long-lasting flooring option. It comes in lots of designs and styles and can be made to look and feel like stone, tile or hardwood.

The layered construction provides stability, cushioning and a protective finish for durability. It usually comes in a 12-foot-wide roll, and the size of the room will depend on how many rolls you will need. Sheet vinyl is resistant to water and stains so it’s an especially popular choice in areas like kitchens and playrooms where spills are commonplace, or in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

With sheet vinyl, you can enjoy your stylish floor while resting easy knowing that it is fast and easy to clean and that your kids and pets won’t damage the floor during playtime.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring | IQ Floors

Why Choose Sheet Vinyl?

Lots of Design Options - Sheet vinyl comes in myriads of colors and designs from natural shades and looks inspired by nature to geometric patterns in bold colors and black and white - and everything in between.


In terms of the visual and texture, sheet vinyl has come a long, long way since decades past. Sheet vinyl can be made to look like traditional hardwood, exotic, rustic, or distressed hardwood; limestone, sandstone, or slate; or geometric and checkerboard tile patterns.


Sheet vinyl can be quite durable. The brands that have the strongest scratch, stain and wear resistance will last the longest.


Compared to harder surfaces, sheet vinyl is soft underfoot so it is more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. It's also warmer than harder surfaces like ceramic or stone tile. An extra layer of cushioning is sometimes available to add even more cushioning.


his option is very reasonably priced and affordable.

Ease of Care

With no grout and very few, if any seams, caring for this type of floor is simple. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are generally enough to keep the floor looking spiffy.


Sheet Vinyl vs. Vinyl Tile & Planks - What’s the Difference?


All vinyl is not the same. There are some key differences between sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile and planks. Let’s look at some of the main differences:

Look & Style: Due to differences in production processes, vinyl tiles and planks far exceed sheet vinyl in terms of design variety available and in the degree of natural realism.

Environmental Impact: About the same.

Applications: Comparable. However, vinyl tiles and planks will perform better and last longer than vinyl sheets, especially in heavy traffic areas.

Cost: Vinyl sheet is less expensive because it’s easier and cheaper to make. Planks and tiles have a higher value and greater durability.

Seams: Sheet vinyl, because it is installed in one or two large pieces, has less seams than other types of vinyl.

Durability - Vinyl sheet is considered less durable than its plank and tile counterparts. For vinyl tiles and planks made on a hot press, the vinyl is exposed to extreme heat and pressure, resulting in a very strong and durable product. Vinyl sheets do not undergo this same strengthening process.

Repair - When sheet vinyl is damaged usually the entire floors needs to be replaced, whereas vinyl tile or planks can often be replaced individually.

Installation - Since sheet vinyl comes in heavy rolls and needs to be cut perfectly to fit, it is more difficult and laborious to install compared to vinyl tiles and planks.

Have questions? We would love to talk to you and answer your questions about sheet vinyl and other resilient flooring types!