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Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Commercial Carpet
The type and style of flooring in your business area is important because it is one of the first things your customers will see (and feel) when entering. If you desire to imbue a warm and inviting first impression or an atmosphere of “home away from home” then carpeting may be the option for you. Your choice of pattern, texture and color in carpet will transform your floor from something you merely step on to a statement piece that integrates fully with the entire decor and conveys a positive message to your clients or guests.

Broadloom refers to the machine which is used to make large carpets commonly used for wall-to-wall and office carpeting. Today, the majority of broadlooms are computer-operated, which means that a computer controls the colors, patterns, and the height of the pile. Due to the amount of foot traffic your commercial carpet will have to endure, it is a good investment to purchase an aesthetically pleasing and functional carpet that is also of the highest quality possible. High quality commercial carpets are specifically engineered to withstand heavy traffic, reduce slips and falls and absorb noise while also adding cushioning for ease of walking and standing.


At IQ Floors we are very familiar with the construction and quality needed for commercial applications. From durable fibers to odor fighting treatments, we carry a diverse selection of broadloom carpets that will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. 12' and 15' options of broadloom are available from quality mills. In order to provide you with exactly what you want and need, custom colors as well as weight variations of existing styles are available for order with very low minimum yardage requirements.

If you’re looking to outfit your commercial space with broadloom carpet, we recommend that you also go with the Commercial Carpet Pad to further enhance your carpet’s functionality. We highly recommend the Legget & Platt synthetic pad for the following reasons:

● 100% synthetic fiber construction for added tensile strength and resiliency
● Improves carpet life and maintenance
● Excellent thermal insulation and acoustical properties
● Will not breakdown or bottom out
● Ideal for commercial use
● Mothproof, mildew and odor resistant.
● Can be used below grade